New Partners Vow To Represent Those Who Have Nowhere Else To Turn

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(L to R) Attorneys John S. Hinman and Christopher Peck open new practice in Long Beach, Calif. and vow to represent those with no where else to turn.

Insurance companies, doctors, major corporations and other large business entities are known to have deep pockets and attorneys with endless resources fighting on their behalf. Believing that everyone deserves fair and honest legal representation regardless of their ability to pay up front, two former defense attorneys have teamed up to announce a new law practice with a mission to help everyday people in need of legal services with nowhere else to turn. Long Beach resident John Hinman and Tustin’s Christopher Peck have debuted a new partnership, a personal injury law firm practice, complete with a new office location in Long Beach at 4510 E Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 400.

Hinman Law Group handles personal injury cases for those hurt or injured in auto accidents and premises liability, medical malpractice and employment cases where someone may have been wrongfully terminated, harassed or suffered discrimination in the workplace. They take the majority of their cases on a contingency fee basis, which benefits clients who only pay a percentage of their compensation when a case is won or settled in their favor.

Many of their clients have had cases that were rejected by other attorneys as being too difficult or complex to pursue, including a recent case where Hinman, who has worked on the plaintiff side for more than 3 years, represented client Christine Auble at trial. Auble was rejected by numerous attorneys before Hinman agreed to take her case. A jury of her peers awarded her with $1,795,751 in compensation for her injuries.

“I made the fundamental decision that I would not be happy if I spent my life representing defendants, and their insurance companies, in medical malpractice cases,” said Hinman, who leads the litigation and trial team at Hinman and Peck. “I took a giant leap of faith in leaving behind my steady paycheck and rising career at the defense firm to dedicate myself to representing individuals just like Christine.”

Peck will head the pre-litigation department which includes initial intake and analysis of a new case all the way through to the filing of a lawsuit. His role is critical in ensuring that cases are worked-up as soon as they come in so that investigation begins as early as possible, maximizing the chances for each client to have success on cases big and small. In many cases, the pre-litigation effort is so thorough that the firm is able to settle and resolve the matter for the client before a lawsuit even needs to be filed.

“Having worked at a defense firm for years, I know the inner workings to how they think about each case,” Peck stated. “I look forward to using that knowledge to our clients’ advantage in order to get them the best possible outcome, no matter their situation.”

Hinman Law Group is a personal injury law firm headquartered in Long Beach serving residents in counties across Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego. The firm was founded upon the principle that individuals who have been injured as a result of the negligence or intentional actions of others are entitled to the same quality of representation enjoyed by insurance companies and corporations, regardless of their ability to pay for services in advance. Attorneys at the firm have been recognized by their peers as Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Stars and their work has been featured in the Associated Press, The Advocate and more.