Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay anything up-front?

No. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not collect attorney fees unless we obtain recovery for you.

What if I do not recover anything?

We carefully screen all cases before agreeing to represent clients. If we agree to act on your behalf, we believe that we can obtain recovery for you. Given that there are no guarantees, we bear the risk of incorrectly evaluating your case. If we do not obtain any recovery for you, you do not owe us anything.

What are your fees?

The amount of attorney’s fees is based on a progressive scale depending upon the phase in which your claim is resolved and is a percentage of the total recovered. Our fees are consistent with the quality of services provided and competitive within the community.

What will be required of me during the process?

Very little. Before filing a lawsuit, your responsibility will be to comply with the medical treatment plans of your healthcare providers. If a lawsuit is filed, you will have to assist us in answering written discovery questions and possibly sit for a deposition as well as undergo an examination by the other driver’s physician. If you have to be deposed, we will work with you extensively to prepare you for the deposition so that you feel comfortable and confident. If your matter proceeds to trial, we generally request that our clients be present throughout the trial but understand if some clients cannot be present at all times. At Workman Law & Litigation, we take pride in acting on behalf of our clients so as to minimize the impact of litigation on their daily lives.

How long will it take to get my case resolved?

Resolution can occur at any phase and is impossible to predict at the onset. In general, we usually try to resolve claims before filing a lawsuit, as quick resolution is often in our client’s favor and the amount of attorney’s fees is the lowest. For most of the cases we handle, we have one or two years for settlement negotiations prior to filing the lawsuit. Once a lawsuit is filed, it generally takes about three years to have a trial. After a lawsuit is filed and we are preparing for trial, the case can still be resolved. In addition to informal settlement discussions, most cases involve at least one mediation (a comprehensive formal settlement negotiation) prior to trial. If the matter has to go to trial, resolution can take about five years from the date of injury. If an appeal is necessary, resolution can take another three years.

When should I contact an attorney if I have been injured?

As soon as medically practical. Once you are safe and medically stabilized, contact our office right away. As soon as a healthcare provider or insurance company suspects that they may be responsible for injuries to someone, they try to get statements from the injured party before the injured party has the benefit of counsel. When you retain Workman Law & Litigation to represent you, all inquiries must be made to our office. You have to assume that everything you say following an injury can and will be used against you by the wrongful party. Let us navigate the landmines of civil litigation for you.

What if I’m not sure if I’m injured?

Always seek medical treatment if you suspect an injury. Some injuries are not readily apparent right away. If you suspect you have been injured, seek medical treatment and contact our office. By seeking medical treatment and obtaining a free legal consultation, you have acted appropriately to ensure your rights are preserved.