Personal Injury Attorney

When you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in an accident, you can feel helpless and alone. You need someone who can fight for you every step of the way and guide you through the legal process of bringing a case against the person or company responsible for your injuries. Workman Law & Litigation is here to help in your time of need.

Workman Law & Litigation has the experience and expertise to provide you with exceptional service and advice throughout the process and maximize the results on your case no matter how big or small. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits and trials. We leave no stone unturned during our investigation of our client’s cases and work hard to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Our experience, knowledge, and history compels insurance companies to take your claims very seriously.

We work diligently to take the stress and anxiety of the legal system off the backs of our clients while helping them to get the best recovery we can from their case. We strive to keep our clients well-informed at every stage of the process so that they understand the process, our plan for their case, and know what to expect as we work on their case, including the good and the bad possible outcomes. This allows our clients to focus on healing and recovery so they can return to their lives while having the peace of mind their case is in great hands.

Below are some of the types of personal injury case we handle on a regular basis. If your situation is not discussed below, give us a call anyway; we may still be able to help you.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases:

Automotive Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Hotel Accidents

Accidental drowning

Elevator accidents

Dog bites and animal attacks

Trip-and-fall accidents

Injuries resulting from inadequate security

Auto Accident

Whether a driver or passenger, if you were injured as a result of an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation. There are several sources of potential compensation such as insurance maintained by the other driver, insurance maintained by the driver of your vehicle, or your own policy if you maintain an underinsured/uninsured motorist policy. In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation from more than one source.

Every year, thousands of people are affected by auto accidents in California. The reality is that driving in our cars is one of the most dangerous activities that we engage in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, after being injured in an auto accident, too many people suffer silently because they are intimidated or afraid of the legal system. As a result, the insurance companies come out on top by avoiding responsibility for any claims that are never brought.

You pay insurance every month to cover you if you get injured in a car accident, but the insurance companies rely on your fear of attorneys and the courts to keep that money for themselves. Worse, they take advantage of people who try and represent themselves or lawyers who are underprepared or ill-equipped to handle these cases, and many times claims are settled for far less than their fair value. As a result, innocent victims are left with the burden of their property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Knowing what to do after an auto accident and acting without delay is critical to the success of your case. Workman Law & Litigation can help protect against even further damage or losses, particularly when dealing with insurance companies or a defendant that is unwilling to take responsibility. Our goal is always to ensure that you receive the right compensation for your injuries.

Examples of some of the types of auto accidents Workman Law & Litigation handles includes:

• Auto v. Auto
• Auto v. Motorcycle
• Commercial Truck Accidents
• Hit & Run
• Hazardous Roadways
• Fatal Collisions
• Disputed Liability Claims; and
• Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims

Public Transit Accidents

If you are one of the thousands of Southern California citizens or visitors using public transit vehicles and public transport, you have the right to expect those journeys to be safe and secure. Public transit accidents include the obvious bus accidents, train accidents, airline accidents, as well as less obvious situations involving slip, trip, and falls.

Nobody expects to experience a serious injury while using public transport, and that shock factor makes it very difficult to think straight following an accident. So, if you’ve been injured during one of those commutes, contacting Workman Law & Litigation is your safest first step. Workman Law & Litigation has the knowledge and experience to represent you in claims, even against government entities. It is critical that you act fast if you think you have a claim against a city, county, or state government, or governmental agency.

As per the California Code of Civil Procedure, the statute of limitations allows personal injury claims to be posted at any stage within two years of the accident occurring. However, claims against governmental agencies must take place within six months, which is why contacting Workman Law & Litigation right away is always your best bet.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”), including concussions can be difficult to detect, with symptoms arising after the traumatic event that are often overlooked. Contrary to common belief, traumatic brain injuries do not require being knocked unconscious. While some of the most severe TBI are detectable through radiographic studies, many are not. Diagnoses of the majority of TBIs requires interpretation of clinical symptoms by well-trained healthcare providers specializing in TBIs.

Accordingly, brain injuries are sometimes considered a silent epidemic because the injuries are often invisible and have been historically poorly understood in our society. Brain injury cases are not as cut and dry as standard accidents with broken bones and injuries that are easily observable. Some cases occur where brain injury is mild, and the victim appears to be fine on the surface. In other cases, brain injury is severe enough to require around-the-clock care.

There are many potential signs and symptoms of a head injury. If you or a loved one experience any of the following after a traumatic event, seek medical attention right away, then contact Workman Law & Litigation:

• Persistent Headaches
• Light Sensitivity
• Memory Loss
• Difficulty Concentrating
• Sudden Mood Changes
• Nausea
• Vision Disturbances; and
• Temporary Loss of Consciousness

Soft Tissue Injuries

Accidents, especially those involving automobiles, can injure soft tissues in various ways. Typical locations of soft tissue injuries are the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. While sprains and strains are common, the most significant type of soft tissue injury is a complete severance. In some instances, nerve damage is caused by soft tissue injuries.

Any one of these injuries requires extensive medical attention, as the healing period can take some time and treatment may also include surgery. The healing process for a soft tissue injury can be up to a year and even more for the muscle, ligament, nerve, or tendon to heal completely.

Pedestrian Accidents

Southern California has large sprawling metropolitan areas with heavy traffic, whereby motorists and pedestrians often share congested spaces. It is inevitable in these situations that accidents will occur. If you or a loved one have been injured while legally walking or standing on the streets of Southern California, you need the expertise of Workman Law & Litigation on your side.

The types of injuries that can result from a pedestrian being struck by a motor vehicle are typically severe. Our team of experienced professionals knows what it takes to investigate a collision and build a case against a careless driver.

Some of the most common causes of pedestrian injury include:

  • Dangerous Intersections. Sometimes, the design of these intersections means that the chances of an accident are higher than usual.
  • Driver negligence. There are cases where drivers are just not paying attention to the road, leading to devastating consequences. In today’s tech-driven world, drivers frequently use their cell phones while driving by talking, texting, reading emails, or looking up directions.
  • Confused drivers. Those unfamiliar with the area can be a danger to pedestrians if they don’t know where they’re going or are too busy reading a GPS.

Most of the time, and luckily for those injured, comprehensive case investigation often proves that drivers were acting improperly while driving. At Workman Law & Litigation, we perform a thorough investigation of every accident to ensure you get the deserved compensation for the injuries sustained.

Our careful investigations allow us to help pedestrian accident victims get back on their feet by guiding them to take advantage of all necessary treatment to recover from their injuries. Typically, victims are usually unable to work for an extended period of time, and may even have a reduced earning capacity. We work hard to ensure that the at-fault drivers, and their insurance companies, are responsible for paying the victims for these lost wages and other expenses.

In the most unfortunate cases when a pedestrian accident victim does not survive, we work with the families to bring a wrongful death case to claim support and compensation for the injuries sustained. While no amount of money can replace the loss of life, this compensation can help offset the financial burden often associated with the passing of a loved one.