Mission Statement

One of the firmest pillars of any organized society is a process for the peaceful and just resolution of disputes between citizens.

Here at Workman Law & Litigation we are honored to serve those who have been injured in their quest for justice.

The civil litigation system is not friendly to those without specific legal education, training, and experience. With our experience defending healthcare providers for years and commitment to helping those who have been injured, we are uniquely situated to represent clients in all phases of their claims. We represent clients in early settlement negotiations prior to filing a lawsuit; during litigation after filing a lawsuit; throughout trial; and during the appellate process if necessary. While there are many billboard attorneys out there, none offer the comprehensive set of legal services offered by Workman Law & Litigation.

At Workman Law & Litigation we believe that the best way to find peace is to prepare for war. We do this by preparing your case for trial from the very beginning. Every step in gathering the facts of your case is done with the perspective of how those facts will be presented at trial. With this litigation strategy, insurance companies have come to know that when Workman Law & Litigation represents a client the time for discounts is over.

We are a close-knit work family at Workman Law & Litigation, and we treat our clients like part of our family.