National Be Kind to Lawyers Day

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

— William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2

Lawyers have been hated throughout centuries, just for being lawyers.  In fact, they are often the butt of jokes and are thought of as the least respected profession, right next to advertisers and car salesman.

The legal profession is one of the oldest in the history of humankind, but is often seen only as a necessary evil.

There is some speculation as to why this is the case.

The main negative view of lawyers seems to stem from the idea that lawyers always charge their clients too much and are willing to abuse the system to get a judgment in their client’s favor.

Others suggest that because the system is an adversarial one, the losing party will not only hate the other lawyer, but their own lawyer too. Other theories for general disdain include lawyers being smarter than the rest of us, intimidating us and speaking their own language, also known as “legal-ese”.

While there are certainly some bad apples that give them all a bad name,  t’s important to remember that not all lawyers are unethical ones. Lawyers counsel and advise, gather evidence and research law and advocate on your behalf to make sure you aren’t walking away from your rights and damages you may be owed.

April 12th is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day!

The unofficial holiday was started in 2008 by non-lawyer Steve Hughes, an American communication expert, to honor the important role  lawyers bring to us.

Today is a great day for acknowledging the legal professional in your life. Send your lawyer a card or take them to lunch to honor for the value they add to all of us.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident, it’s always best to seek the counsel of a trusted legal professional who can evaluate your case.

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