Public Transit Accidents

If you are one of the thousands of Southern California citizens or visitors using public transit vehicles and public transport, you have the right to expect those journeys to be safe and secure. Public transit accidents include the obvious bus accidents, train accidents, airline accidents, as well as less obvious situations involving slip, trip, and falls.

Nobody expects to experience a serious injury while using public transport, and that shock factor makes it very difficult to think straight following an accident. So, if you’ve been injured during one of those commutes, contacting Workman Law & Litigation is your safest first step. Workman Law & Litigation has the knowledge and experience to represent you in claims, even against government entities. It is critical that you act fast if you think you have a claim against a city, county, or state government, or governmental agency.

As per the California Code of Civil Procedure, the statute of limitations allows personal injury claims to be posted at any stage within two years of the accident occurring. However, claims against governmental agencies must take place within six months, which is why contacting Workman Law & Litigation right away is always your best bet.