I was a passenger on a bus that was involved in an accident, what should I do?

Whenever you step onto any kind of bus, be it a tour bus, city bus, shuttle or school bus, you are entrusting your safety to that driver and the owner of the bus. We generally feel safe on busses, so much so that typical safety precautions such as seat belts and airbags are not present, however, accidents do sometimes happen.

Bus accidents can be complex with the possibility for many injured parties and the potential for liability from many sources. If you have been involved in a bus accident, the following are tips to keep in mind.

Always seek medical attention.

Typically bus personnel will call 911 and alert emergency authorities, but if the bus driver has been injured, it’s always best to do so on your own as well. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, always seek appropriate medical attention after the incident.

Document the scene.

Take pictures of the incident including any vehicles involved, street signs or traffic lights and get the names and contact information of fellow passengers and any witnesses who may have witnessed the accident.

Call the police.

With so many parties involved, this may have already been taken care of, but you should attempt to contact police nonetheless.

Contact an attorney.

As accidents involving busses are more complex than a typical auto accident claim, legal representation is always a good idea in these instances.

Bus accidents can be complex.

If the driver is at fault, seeking compensation for injuries suffered becomes more complicated. The driver can be found at fault by working while fatigued, not being properly trained or if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

Most busses are operated by governmental authorities such as school districts and public transportation bureaus. Filing a claim with a government body differs from a typical auto accident claim.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, always seek the counsel of a trusted legal professional who can assist you in advocating for your rights.

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