Our Staff

Ann Le

Legal Assistant

As typically the first point of contact when clients reach out to our firm, my goal is to ensure that our clients know that they are a priority and their concerns are of the utmost importance to our staff

Jasmynne Roberts


As the first person that most of our clients speak to when they call, I love my job because I get to meet almost every client and potential client of the firm.

Alejandra Ochoa

Case Manager

I am one of your main contacts while your case is being investigated and prior to filing a lawsuit. It is very important when you call about your case is that you know you are a priority and any concerns that you have are addressed fully and promptly.

Vincent Manso

Personal Injury Specialist

With about thirty years of experience in the personal injury field, I have experience in nearly every issue that can occur in working on personal injury cases. Having this deep level of experience and knowledge allows me to provide an excellent level of service to all of our clients on a variety of topics and issues.