Big Rig Accident Injury Attorney

Serving Long Beach, CA & the Surrounding Areas

Big Rig Accident Injury Attorney

Serving Long Beach, CA & the Surrounding Areas

Being involved in a crash with a tractor trailer truck or losing a loved one in a crash is not a situation that anyone finds easy to manage. You deserve to have an experienced accident attorney in Long Beach, CA advocating for you. Due to the size of these trucks, accidents involving big rigs often involve serious injuries or death.The trauma involved in an event like this is overwhelming and requires sensitivity in its handling, which is why a compassionate attorney counts here. An accident on this level can affect your life irreversibly, and you or your loved one deserve the maximum compensation possible. If you were involved in an accident because of a big rig, you might have a big rig accident case, and the only way for sure is to call our attorneys today for a free consultation.

Careless Accidents Are Common In Long Beach, CA

In the United States, thousands of people suffer because of big rig accidents every year *.  If the victims were pedestrians or in small passenger vehicles, the injuries are more likely to be catastrophic and life altering.  When suffering these types of injuries, choosing your attorney wisely is even more important as the recovery from your case can have a huge impact on your access to medical and attendant care necessary to address your injuries.

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Hinman Law Group Can Make A Difference

These are cases that we are well equipped to handle at Hinman Law Group.  Our experience in investigating complex and major injury cases means we are well equipped to handle your case. We know that liability in these cases can lie in more than one place, and it’s not always the driver that’s at fault. The details of your crash need to be carefully investigated to figure out where the liability lies, and this can include:

  • The driver
  • The company that owns the truck
  • The company that leases the truck from the owner
  • Those responsible for loading the cargo
  • The manufacturer of any parts that do not work properly


Has Your Loved One Died As a Result Of Big Rig Accident?

It’s important to know that not all drivers are negligent in the case of a big rig accident, and even when they are, the liability doesn’t always lie with them. The driver is an employee and can only control so much. If parts are defective, or maintenance is not properly performed, and that causes a crash, the driver may not be responsible but the company the owns or maintains the truck can still be held liable.  Other times, the drivers themselves are at fault for reasons that may commonly include driving for too long, using a cell phone, aggressive driving, or simple inattention.  Whatever the cause, careful investigation of the cause of an accident can be critical to success on your case.

If your loved one died due to a big rig crash, you may be legally entitled under California law to pursue a case for wrongful death damages. Successful results in these cases can help to pay for the funeral costs, medical expenses, and family security after the case has closed. These claims don’t bring back the person who has passed away, but they do provide a level of closure and justice for the family.

At Hinman Law Group, our experienced attorneys will not back down from your case. We will fight on your behalf to get the deserved compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a big rig accident, call Hinman Law Group today and speak with an experienced attorney.

Our consultations are always free of charge and we’re always happy to go over your options.